Jikiden Reiki: Traditional Japanese Reiki

The Jikiden Reiki Institute is based in Kyoto, Japan. It is in the former family home of current head, Tadao Yamaguchi. These days it is an office, training centre and treatment clinic. The traditional Japanese

Reiki: An Easy Way to a Better Life

Reiki is a Japanese word you can find in any dictionary. It is made up of two ‘Kanji’ characters. Kanji is a logographic alphabet – meaning each character has a meaning. Unlike the two other

Reiki History – an Overview

Reiki History is an interesting story. Before World War II it is estimated that there  there were over a million users Reiki in Japan. Just after the war Reiki type treatments were outlawed. This would

Traditional Reiki and Religion

Sensei Mikao Usui, founder of the Usui Reiki Method for Improving Body and Mind (Shinshin kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho) studied many kinds of religion and spiritual practices. His studies included Christianity, but Shinto and Buddhist ideas

Jikiden Reiki Books

Looking for Reiki books to learn more about traditional Japanese Reiki? Read on to find ones I recommend to you. I have  also listed others that may appeal to Japanese Reiki researchers. I included a

Japanese Reiki: Differences with Western Reiki

Before I learned Jikiden Reiki I learned Western Reiki level one this was in 2003. It was my first encounter with Reiki and it was obvious that Reiki was something amazing. At the same time

Reiju (靈授) – Awakening The Reiki Ability

In Traditional Japanese Reiki Reiju is a technique used by Reiki Teachers (Shihans) and assistant teachers (Shihan-kakus) to re-awaken the dormant flow of Reiki in receiver’s body. It is what makes Reiki different from other spiritual