Reiju (靈授) – Awakening The Reiki Ability

Photo of room set for reijuIn Traditional Japanese Reiki Reiju is a technique used by Reiki Teachers (Shihans) and assistant teachers (Shihan-kakus) to re-awaken the dormant flow of Reiki in receiver’s body. It is what makes Reiki different from other spiritual healing methods.

Reiju (靈授) – Attunement or Empowerment?

What we know as Reiju in Jikiden Reiki became popularly known as ‘attunement’ in the West. Sometimes it is called an ’empowerment’. Reiju is easily one of the most misunderstood things in Reiki today. The term ‘reiju’ was rarely, if ever used in Western Reiki until relatively recently. It is seen as a lost technique recently rediscovered in Japan. But the goal of Western ‘attunement / empowerment’ has the same goal – enabling someone to be able to use Reiki very quickly. Yet the concepts are very different. Giving someone power, or tuning them into frequencies does not bear any resemblance to how the Japanese understand Reiju to work.

How does Reiju Work?

This ‘fast track’ technique of obtaining the ability to help heal people was created by Sensei Mikao Usui. He drew from ideas that already existed in Shinto. This is the original spirituality of Japan. Existing before Buddhism arrived and surviving to this day as an endemic part of Japanese culture. Usui Sensei discovered Reiki after achieving enlightenment following many years of spiritual practices. After his enlightenment, he realised the human’s natural ability to use Reiki and heal others. He created a special method to re-activate this ability. It doesn’t require the years of hard practice he went through before his enlightenment. It is his great gift to mankind. To learn more it is necessary to join a Jikiden Reiki Course. There you will have an explanation of how it works and experience it yourself.

This seemingly impossible notion often puts people off from learning Reiki. Many believe learning something as amazing as Reiki needs years of dedicated practice to learn. But the whole point of Usui Reiki is that it really is that simple, accessible and effective. It does not take long to find out that you can make a difference without much effort cultivating ability.

Sensei Chiyoko Yamaguchi’s Reiju Experience

Sensei Chiyoko Yamaguchi is the founder of Jikiden Reiki. She received Reiju directly from Dr Hayashi. She has explained how they sat in the ‘seiza’ position (kneeling) with their eyes closed. Their hands in the ‘gassho’ prayer position. They recited the Gokai (5 Reiki principles) 3 times. At all times the room was completely dark. They felt people touch their head and hands. It was not just given by Dr Hayashi, but other teachers (Shihans)  that could also do it.

In those days Shihans invited other Shinans and Shinan Kakus (assistant teachers) to give Reiju with them. In seminars with my Teacher Tadao Yamaguchi we often have as many as 6 people giving Reiju. Sometimes on my own Reiki courses I will have other teachers assist me giving Reiju and joining in practical Reiki sessions.

Reiju Meetings

Once you have learned Jikiden Reiki you can also receive Reiju at a Reiju Kai meeting. This is like a short refresher course and social gathering. It is not necessary to receive it again to keep your Reiki ability active. Receiving it regularly is nice and beneficial though.These meetings are only open to people certified in Jikiden Reiki. People with Jikiden Reiki certificates are welcome to attend meetings organised by any Jikiden Reiki Teacher / Assistant Teacher.

What Happens in a Meeting?

Jikiden Reiki practitioners can receive Reiju again. While it is not necessary to receive it more than the number of times given in training, it is still beneficial. It is more useful to people that have not used Reiki so much, as regular practitioners can usually flow a lot of energy with no problem. So it helps if you have not doen Reiki for a while. But if you just start practicing again you would soon be back at full flow.

Is is Just about Receiving Reiju?

Attendees can ask questions from the teacher / assistant teacher(s) present. So it is like a bit of a refresher course. In Jikiden Reiki we do not discuss the sacred aspects of Reiki in public, so this is a place where such discussion can take place outside of reiki training. No Jikiden Reiki event would be complete without the opportunity to practice giving Reiki, and to receive it. So there is typically a practical Reiki session too.

Afterward the group may socialise and maybe go fora meal. A Reiju meeting is a good way to meet other Jikiden Reiki practitioners and share reiki experiences. A Reiju meeting is typically a half day event, but in some cases it may be longer. In Jikiden Reiki you are not restricted to attending events run by your own Teacher (Shihan) or assistant teacher (Shihan Kaku). I welcome anyone with a Jikiden Reiki certificate to join – I look forward to meeting you!

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