Jikiden Reiki Books

Looking for Reiki books to learn more about traditional Japanese Reiki? Read on to find ones I recommend to you. I have  also listed others that may appeal to Japanese Reiki researchers. I included a list of books about Japanese culture too. These are good for learning about the mind and attitude of traditional Japanese Reiki practitioners. This is essential for anyone wanting to practice Reiki in an authentic style.

Recommended Japanese Reiki Books

These contain the most up to date research. Together they contain all you really need to know. With the exception of the core and sacred elements only taught in person in the Japanese tradition. So please remember that you can’t learn Japanese Reiki from a book alone.

Light on the Origins of ReikiJikiden Reiki Books - Cover of Light on the Origins of Reiki

Why this is recommended: It is a unique insight into the history. The author and his family were heavily involved in the early Usui Reiki movement of Japan. It has numerous photographs and other evidence collected from the family that were not in the public domain until relatively recently.

Author: Tadao Yamaguchi (current head of the Jikiden Reiki Institute)

ISBN – 9780914955658

The Hayashi Reiki ManualJikiden Reiki Books - Cover of The Hayashi Reiki Manual

Why this is recommended: This is a THE practical manual for Japanese Reiki practitioners. Some believe Hayashi developed his own Reiki style called Hayashi Reiki, but this is not true. The Hayashi manual is provided here and is revealed to be very similar to Usui’s original (see below) as it should be. Sensei Hayashi was younger than Usui and a medical doctor. As a result he was able to gain many more years of experience using Reiki than Usui could before he died. The result is a manual that is based on Usui’s original, but refined based on experience. It adds more information and tends to have more medical terminology. There are also step by step photos to help guide you in learning the methods and additional material by the other authors.

Authors: Tadao Yamaguchi, Frank Arjava Petter and Tadao Yamaguchi

ISBN – 0914955756

Jikiden Reiki Books - Cover of This is ReikiThis is Reiki

Why this is recommended: It has the latest research and evidence available. Arjava started writing about Reiki before a lot of the evidence we know today came to light. It corrects and builds on the authors earlier works.

Author – Frank Arjarva Petter

ISBN – 0940985012

Western Reiki and Japanese Reiki: Their Historic and Cultural BackgroundsReiki Book Cover

Why this is recommended: The author is both a Western and Jikiden Reiki Teacher. There is much confusion about Japanese Reiki. Japanese people are not well understood by Westerners and we are not so good at explaining ourselves as the author says. So many Reiki styles are blended today it is hard to know what is authentic and what is not. This article addresses this question clearly and concisely.

Please note this is in Japanese language only but there is a great article by the author in English.

Author – Masaki Nishina

ISBN – 1511576979

Books on Traditional Japanese Culture

Reiki Book - cover of ShintoThese books have nothing to do with Reiki directly. Although they are very useful for learning about authentic Reiki. To understand traditional Reiki practice it is necessary to have some knowledge of Japanese culture and thought. Traditional Reiki incorporates ideas from both Zen and Shinto. For Westerners, understanding the Japanese can be very challenging as the culture is so different. I hope these classic texts help.

Reiki Books For Researchers

The Reiki books below are included because they do contain some great information. However, further research into Reiki reveals some information to be incorrect. Some of the material does not relate to traditional Reiki. This has been addressed in the more recent publications listed above.

The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao UsuiJikiden Reiki Books - Cover of The Original Reiki Handbook of Mikao Usui

Why this is recommended: Includes a translation of Usui’s original Reiki manual.

Author: Frank Petter

ISBN 0914955578

Jikiden Reiki Books - Cover of The Spirit of ReikiThe Spirit of Reiki

Why this is recommended: Includes Sensei Usui’s selected 125 Meiji Emperor Waka poems. These were previously in a booklet produced by Usui’s Reiki Institute.

Authors: Frank Arjava Petter, William Lee Rand and Walter Lübeck

ISBN: 0914955675

Reiki FireJikiden Reiki Books - Cover of Reiki Fire

Why this is recommended: It has a translation of the inscription from the memorial stone of the founder Sensei Mikao Usui. The discovery of the memorial was a revelation to Reiki practitioners worldwide. As a result the popular history of Reiki of the time had to change. Much of the accepted story of Reiki of the time was proven to be myth and new facts emerged.

Author: Frank Petter

ISBN: 8120815564