Jikiden Reiki Talks

jikiden reiki talks with Rika Tanaka

I deliver Jikiden Reiki talks from time to time. The dates will be below if I have any planned. These will usually be in the London or Hertfordshire Area. They may be for members of the public or private groups. If your group is interested to letting me give a Jikiden Reiki talk then please contact me. If I have any planned they will be announced in one of my blog articles.

Previous Jikiden Reiki Talks I have Organised

Kensington, London 2008

I helped organise this Reiki talk given by my Sensei Yamahuchi with me as translator. We put on drinks and Japanese style food and it was well attended. Sensei Yamaguchi talked about his family and history of growing up with Reiki. There were a lot of practitioners of Western Reiki styles and we got some really interesting questions and some surprising answers! I was also assisted by Other Jikiden Reiki teachers to make this happen.

CAMExpo, Excel, Docklands London 2007

I was part of a Team of Jikiden Reiki teachers and assistant Teachers that came together to run a stand at this alternative and complimentary medicine event for 2 days. Our stall was really busy and our treatment couch and chair being fully booked throughout the 2 days. The team took it in turns to provide group treatments.  My Sensei Yamaguchi was offered the chance to give a Reiki talk by the event organisers and we were happy to accept. I helped Mr Yamaguchi with translation and he talked about Jikiden Reiki and it’s roots to a large and very interested audience.

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