Reiki Share Meeting

At my Jikiden Reiki share meetings I invite certified Jikiden Reiki practitioners to join together. We have fun and practice on each other. It is an opportunity to give and receive some Reiki treatment. You can also ask questions about training to strengthen your knowledge. You can gain more experience in including clocking up some of the hours necessary to become an assistant teacher (Shihan Kaku).

Whose Reiki Share can I Attend?

Some people run shares just for Jikiden Reiki practitioners, and others invite practitioners of other Reiki styles to join in. So it is up to the person running the event. It is nice to have Jikiden Reiki only groups so students can talk openly about aspects of teaching that are not discussed in public. But it is also good to help spread Jikiden Reiki and let others try this amazing reiki healing energy and compare it with their own. In Jikiden Reiki, certified practitioners may join Jikiden Reiki events organised by other Jikiden Reiki teachers (Shihans) and Assistant Teachers (Shihan Kaku’s).

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