Reiki Trial Session (Taiken Kai)

I run these reiki trial session occasionally you can find any planned dates below. This is your opportunity to receive a Jikiden Reiki treatment for free. You need to book a session at one of these meetings. You will receive Reiki from a group of Reiki practitioners. Afterward you will get a chance to ask questions about the Reiki treatment and your experience.

reiki event practice during trainingWhat happens in a Taiken Kai?

This is not like a one on one session that you may experience in a salon environment. It is more like a Reiki treatment you would get in a Reiki household. There will be multiple Jikiden Reiki practitioners providing treatment at once. We invite members of the public to experience Reiki instead of treating each other as we might in a Reiki share meeting. Typically we will see two or three people in an evening. A treatment will usually last at least 30 minutes or more depending on how many people are coming.

If you would like to come along to have a free Reiki healing session you must book a treatment slot. Jikiden Reiki practitioners are invited to come along and assist giving treatments. For them these meetings are an invaluable for gaining experience giving treatments. Treatments given can also count toward the requirements of Shihan Kaku (Assistant Teacher) level training.

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