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Welcome to my Jikiden Reiki courses page. Below you can find all my forthcoming course dates listed. These contain fees, venues and more information. You can also book online with a small deposit to secure your place. A Reiki course unlocks your natural healing ability and shows you how to use it. This amazing natural healing method can improve your body and mind and also others you give Reiki to. Everyone can learn Reiki if they believe in it or not. It’s great used within the family home especially for children. Or like me you may want to work with Reiki professionally.

Learn Reiki With Rika Tanaka – Jikiden Reiki Dai Shihan (Senior Teacher)

For over ten years I have been lucky enough to work directly with the head of Jikiden Reiki as his translator. As a result I have participated in his Reiki courses at all levels many times as delivering many of my own. Being a holistic therapist I also practice Reiki treatments regularly. I have hundreds of hours of practical experience too. As a result I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience. I am able to give detailed explanations of the Japanese ideas and nuances of the Japanese language to a Western audience.  Plus I have training in anatomy and physiology, which comes in handy in practical treatment demonstrations.

Reiki Training: Help Yourself & Others

If you are looking for Reiki training follow these links to the required level. You will find my forthcoming courses and book your ticket.


My Experience From Jikiden Reiki Training

Jikiden Reiki training changed my life and it can change yours. It started as a small interest in something that might be of use to me as a holistic therapist. I had no idea it would turn into me teaching hundreds of people. Apart from countless hours Reiki treatment experience I have also:

  • Met lots of wonderful people
  • Ran Reiki tours of Japan
  • Had to get to grips with public speaking and translation.
  • Participated in events with the head of the Jikiden Reiki Institute across the world.

It has been an amazing journey for me so far and continues to be. I invite you to become part of it and see what kind of journey you have. Jikiden Reiki struck me as such a great thing. I have devoted a big part of my life sharing it with others and helping the Jikiden Reiki Institute. You can also find out more on my Reiki Courses page including prices and other information.

Join Me for High Quality Traditional Reiki Training

I am a highly experienced Reiki teacher and professional holistic therapist. Being Japanese I have deep understanding of the culture behind the original Japanese system. This allows me to give detailed explanations to my students. I offer great insight into the pronunciation and understanding of the language, symbols and ideas.

Teaching Reiki is about enabling someone to use a natural ability they have already, everyone can do it. This natural ability is awakened with a process knows as Reiju. After Reiju you can increase the amount of energy you can flow to become become effective at helping yourself and others improve body and mind. To do this means simply to use Reiki regularly. Once you have Reiki in our life you never lose it.

Who Can Benefit from Jikiden Reiki Training?

Looking for a very simple and incredibly effective healing treatment? If so, Jikiden Reiki Training is highly recommended. It is also good for gain an in-depth understanding of authentic Reiki. For Some People In particular, Jikiden Reiki Training is Very Useful. Such People Include:

  • Medical Doctors, nurses, midwives, carers.
  • Alternative & complementary therapists particularly those involved in hands on treatment.
  • Pregnant women and parents.
  • Sports therapists & those suffering from sporting related injuries.

Shoden, the first level of Jikiden Reiki has simply but huge benefits including:

  • Help heal yourself, friends, family and others.
  • First aid methods.
  • Understand the history and background of Usui Reiki from a Japanese perspective.
  • Be able to join share meetings and other events. Practice giving Reiki and receiving Reiki treatments.

Useful Applications of the techniques taught at Okuden level include:

  • Seiheki Chiryo – A method used to support unwanted emotional habits or patterns of thinking and behaviour.
  • Distance Reiki – A technique to provide Reiki healing remotely.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of traditional Reiki practice by learning more about the historical Japanese concepts and philosophies.

Other Benefits:

  • Gain the option to practice Reiki in the private, public and voluntary sectors.
  • Its good for your social life – become part of a friendly community of Reiki practitioners.
  • Enjoy a really interesting and thought provoking experience.

Jikiden Reiki training fees are set by the Institute in Japan and can change from time to time to reflect changes in currency values. See the events below to get fees for each course. Training can be repeated at a reduced price. Group size is typically 2-6 people. Sometimes I will run larger groups at various venues. Courses I organise for Tadao Yamaguchi are larger groups as he only visits the UK once a year. Most of my courses are delivered in English. I sometimes will do training or events for Japanese audience in Japanese including with Tadao Yamaguchi.