Okuden (奥傳) - Level 2 Reiki Training

Jikiden Reiki Okuden (level 2)training is recommended for people that want to learn more about Reiki, be able to treat psychological problems, give treatments over any distance and go on to become a Jikiden Reiki teacher.

Okuden (奥傳) Course Curriculum

Receive 2 more Reiju
How to use Reiki specifically for psychological issues.
Distance Reiki
Variations of distance Reiki method for easier self treatment including for psychological issues.
Practice sessions and practical demonstrations

You need to complete Shoden level before you can take Okuden Level. It can be taken together straight after Shoden level training. After training you will receive an English style certificate. Plus a lovely Japanese style certificate issued by the Jikiden Institute. You will be able to treat a greater variety of problems with more convenience to yourself and those you give Reiki to. You may also wish to continue your development and go on to become an assistant teacher (Shihan Kaku).

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