Shinpiden - Reiki Teacher Training

The Shinpiden level courses are taken progressively. There is no quick way to become a Jikiden Reiki teacher. There is no expectation on Jikiden Reiki students to proceed to Shinpiden level either. The teacher levels are structured as follows and each has it’s own set of pre-requisites. Click on these links for more information:

*In Jikiden Reiki only the head of the organisation (Sensei Tadao Yamaguchi) and his deputy (Sensei Frank Arjava Petter) can take people to Shihan (teacher) level. If you do not live in a country that Sensei Yamaguchi visits regularly (UK, Spain, Germany – for example), you will need to travel to Japan. Depending on demand I sometimes organise Shihan Kaku or Shihan training with Sensei Yamaguchi when he visits the UK.

**Progress above Shihan level to Dai Shihan is at the discretion of Sensei Yamaguchi.

When am I Eligible for Shinpiden Training?

To be eligible to apply for Shihankaku (Assistant Teacher) level, it is necessary to first be thoroughly familiar with what is taught at Shoden and Okuden levels. Plus it is necessary to have repeated Shoden and Okuden at least one time (the repeat fees are much less than the initial training fee). There are also other requirements including keeping treatment records.

You cannot take Shoden, Okuden and then a Shinpiden level course in quick succession. Follow the link and read the requirements of Shihan Kaku level below to learn more. Previous experience of other Reiki styles does not allow quicker progress to Shinpiden level. In Jikiden Reiki everyone starts from the beginning and follows the same process.


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