Shihan Kaku (師範格) - Assistant Teacher Training

There is no expectation for people to become teachers in Jikiden Reiki. This level is for people who have a real desire to spread Reiki in the world and want to pass it on to others. Certified Shihan Kaku level students are permitted to teach Shoden level – the first level of Jikiden Reiki. Any planned courses are listed below.

Become a Jikiden Reiki Shihan Kaku With Me

Rika is Dai Shihan level and is permitted to teach to this level. Contact Rika today to enquire about training. To become a full Shihan (teacher and be able to teach both Shoden and Okuden level it is only possible through the head of Jikiden Reiki (Tadao Yamaguchi) or his deputy (Frank Arjava Petter). Go to the page for Shihan (Teacher) training for more information).

This course cannot be booked online. There are various requirements to complete and submit first including a treatment log, some case studies and an essay.

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