Shoden (初傳)- Level 1 Reiki Training

Shoden level Jikiden Reiki training is the first level. It is about being able to treat physical issues. It gives you the tools you need to help improve your body and mind and that of others. For many people it is a life changing experience. Bring the magic of Reiki into your life, and pass it on to others. There are no pre-requisites to learn Shoden level and previous experience of Reiki is not required. Other than we ask that all applicants are over the age of 16 (we may be able to make exceptions to this in certain circumstances).

Jikiden Reiki Shoden Course Curriculum

  • Reiki History
  • The five principles of Reiki (gokai).
  • Learn about Reiju, what it does and Receive Reiju.
  • Explanation of the Japanese character for Reiki and the meaning behind it.
  • Learn what Reiki is and how it works.
  • Find out how you can give Reiki treatment.
  • Learn the concept of “Byosen”  and how to search for problematic area(s) in the receiver’s body.
  • The Blood Rejuvenation Technique (Ketsueki Kokan Ho).
  • First aid techniques
  • Exercises for practicing Reiki alone
  • Balanced cleansing and the body’s natural cleansing process
  • Learn the first Reiki shirushi (symbol), what it means, how to use it and when
  • Practical sessions giving and receiving Reiki treatments

After Shoden you can proceed to Okuden (level 2). This will give you additional treatment tools including psychological treatment and distance treatment methods.

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