Tadao Yamaguchi, Head of the Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto, Japan

Exciting News! Tadao Yamaguchi, the head of Jikiden Reiki Institute, is coming to the UK with his son Yohei in February 2024 to share his wisdom through Jikiden Reiki seminars. This visit marks his first since 2018 and has been eagerly anticipated by many who seek to learn this authentic style of Reiki, passed down through his mother, Chiyoko Yamaguchi, a student of the revered Reiki teacher, Chujiro Hayashi.

His expertise in the authentic Reiki system is truly exceptional, and opportunities to learn from him outside of Japan are becoming increasingly rare. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance. We have limited spots available for new students, making it a perfect opportunity for aspiring Jikiden Reiki teachers as well.

To get all the details you need, please reach out to the Jikiden Reiki UK Association (our event sponsor and supporter) at info@jikidenreikiuk.com. I’m thrilled to be part of the team, assisting in translating his seminar during this visit. The preparations have been intense, but the depth of knowledge we’ll gain from him is incredibly rewarding.

Seminar Dates:

  • * Shoden (Level 1): 23rd-25th Feb

  • * Okuden (Level 2): 26th & 27th Feb

  • * Shihankaku: 28th & 29th Feb

  • * Shihan: 28th Feb-1st Mar

I will be there as his translator throughout the event. Join us for this incredible opportunity to learn from a true Reiki teacher! Contact info@jikidenreikiuk.com today to secure your spot.

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