Enkaku Reiki (Distance Healing)_Discovery session


An discovery session for Enkaku (distance) Reiki session for whom can’t travel to my practice but wish to experience benefits of Reiki healing

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Discovery session for Enkaku Reiki

60 minutes Enkaku Reiki (distance healing) session for whom can’t travel to my practice but wish to experience benefits of Reiki healing.

Advanced booking is necessary.  For any enquiries, please email on rika@reikiwithrika.com.

Unlikely standard hands-on Reiki healing, Enkaku Reiki i.e. Distance Reiki is practiced where a healing receiver is not present in front of a Reiki practitioner. A Reiki practitioner will use a specific method putting Reiki energy into an absent receiver. Reiki energy will get to the receiver and utilised. Jikiden Reiki practitioners are able to feel Byosen, kind of sensations from the receiver’s ailment, injury or illness during a healing session. The healing benefits from the Enkaku treatments are the same as the hands-on direct treatments. It is an alternative method when it’s not possible to travel to see a practitioner or being hospitalised and not allowed to have visitors or any other circumstances unable to meet a practitioner.

Enkaku Reiki should be received in a relaxed environment for example resting in bed just same as receiving direct hands-on healing sessions. Also it is recommended to stay relaxed for a while after the session to optimise the healing benefits.

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