Distance Reiki for Events and Regions

When there is a global scale disaster like a tsunami or earthquake, the Reiki community becomes very active. This is reflected in many popular online forums and websites offering distance Reiki. This reflects the compassion

Distant Reiki & Science – Spooky Action?

It is not necessary to have any understanding of Reiki to enjoy its benefits. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki believed that science would one day explain Reiki. There is a record of him saying

Reiki Symbols: How to Use Them

Reiki Symbols: How to Use Them This article is for people that want to try and observe an authentic approach to Japanese Reiki practice. For some of you this will be an odd way to

Professional Reiki Practice and the Law

Professional Reiki Practice and the Law and Regulation of Reiki is a complex topic but here I have tried to cover all you need to know. There is a lot to know. So practitioners of

Jikiden Reiki Treatment (in person)

Read on to find out about Jikiden Reiki treatment including hands on (body treatment), psychlogical treatment, distance treatment or to read our treatment FAQ. Hands on Reiki for physical issues is taught at Shoden level. The laying on of hands is

Self Healing Reiki Treatment (Jiko Reiki)

Jiko Reiki (Self Healing Reiki Treatment) Yes – Reiki can be used to treat yourself and improve your own heath. We encourage everyone that learns to practice self healing Reiki treatments. Naturally it is better

Jikiden Reiki Treatment for Animals

The founder of Reiki Mikao Usui explained that Reiki will work on all living things. So Reiki treatment for animals is a good idea. In the West treating animals with Reiki is very popular. If you want

Gokai – The Five Reiki Principles

The five Reiki principles are a fundamental part of Reiki practice. They were created by the founder of Reiki Sensei Mikao Usui to help improve our lives. All Jikiden Reiki practitioners are taught to chant