Jikiden Reiki Treatment for Animals

Reiki on animalThe founder of Reiki Mikao Usui explained that Reiki will work on all living things. So Reiki treatment for animals is a good idea. In the West treating animals with Reiki is very popular. If you want to use Reiki to treat animals I am happy to teach you.

How do you Use Reiki  Treatment For Animals?

There are no specific techniques for using Reiki for animals, but authentic Reiki should be simple in all situations. You just need some common sense to apply it in the most appropriate way.

How do Animals Respond To Reiki Treatment?

They typically relax or sleep very quickly like most humans do on the treatment couch! I have tried out Reiki on my friends and relatives pets to see what happens. Cats seem to love Reiki, but they don’t need much. They usually love it, relax deeply for a few minutes, and they are soon on their way. Dogs seem to be able to handle longer sessions, depending on their size. Both see mto have a definite sense of when they have had enough. I am also aware that lots of people use Reiki on horses, but of this I have no experience.

Reiki for animals treating horse What else can I treat with Reiki?

Reiki can help with all living things including plants for example. One of the oddest questions my Sensei Tadao Yamaguchi was asked in training once was – “can you treat your food before you eat it”? This was a strange concept for him. His reply was “Why not just eat the food and give yourself Reiki instead”. This makes more sense as you can treat yourself and get multiple benefits over just treating something you ingest. But there is no reason why you cannot try treating plants as well as animals and humans.