Self Healing Reiki Treatment (Jiko Reiki)

Jiko Reiki (Self Healing Reiki Treatment)

Yes – Reiki can be used to treat yourself and improve your own heath. We encourage everyone that learns to practice self healing Reiki treatments. Naturally it is better to receive treatment from somebody else, as it is difficult to relax when treating yourself. But when we don’t have that option it is a great tool to have to hand. We can use it in our spare time or when going to sleep at night, for example. Furthermore, we have lots of time to work on ourselves and we can make dramatic improvements to our body and mind using Reiki on ourselves.

Are There Special Methods to Self Healing Reiki Treatment?

Generally self-treatment is a common sense affair and we don’t teach specific techniques as it is just common sense to place your hands where you need Reiki. There is one exception – there is a method that allows you to treat your own psychological problems using the idea of  distance Reiki (enkaku Reiki). This simply makes it much more practical to treat yourself rather than using the method you would use to teach others. It is something we teach in Jikiden Reiki at Okuden level.

My teacher has found an approach to Reiki for self healing from his experience that he uses on himself. It is really simple and I often share that with people in Jikiden Reiki training if they ask. It is not part of the curriculum though, because the curriculum only contains ideas passed down through our lineage from the founder Mikao Usui.


Do I get any benefit from Reiki if I am treating other people?

Yes – just having the ability to use Reiki has health benefits. You are channeling energy from the universe through you to the receiver. It is also very relaxing to give Reiki too. This means Reiki is flowing through you and treating others is beneficial to you as well as the receiver. Many people report benefits from doing the training and simply having this natural healing ability awoken through the process of Reiju.