They say “quality is an outcome that far exceeds the customer’s expectations.”It was also helped by having a very attentive teaching style from Rika.This is what best describes my experience of my training days 11th Dec - 13th Dec Incl - Jikiden Reiki Shoden and Okuden.I was tired at the end of  my 3 days however  in a good way. Really important to pay attention to the details presented  e.g. the  insightful presentation about the history, five principles and the meaning behind the characters  for this method of Reiki - it’s application and techniques used. A truly holistic and ~soul-fuel adventure, that was  authentic  and enlightening from Japan so not watered down. If this training  were a meal it would be a “fine dining” experience!
Overseen by Rika   l loved the opportunity to tune into the sensations in my hands and to sit with them. Also  learning how to pronounce  key words and saying the principles in Japanese - revisiting a few time where I wasn’t so confident. Thank you Rika for your kind patience.
You were  an absolutely  present practitioner who was able to support each participant individually and us as a group. Allowing us space to reflect with each other about   our experiences, expectations  and what brought us to Jikiden training .
Great attention to being a covid safe environment and protocols as well that  was  very reassuring ( for me so thanks again) when giving and receiving treatments. Loved the very practical  protocol for distant healing.
 I appreciated the attention  to detail about the historical and cultural  context of Japan, the founder and lineage.Overall,  the thing that I really appreciated the most  is being encouraged to respect this "sacred process”  that Jikiden offer - the areas  that the modality  prefers to remain between practitioners which I like.
I would like my clients / receivers to know that they are accessing a complementary therapy that keeps a close eye on maintaining quality assruance and purity of content securing that working to the highest good.CPD investment that is worth the spend.


D.Henry🌈 December 18, 2021

 I recently received a distance Reiki session with Rika and my experience was nothing short of stellar. From the beginning Rika was courteous, professional and attentive. She also exhibited a warm and caring nature during our consultation, as well (intuitively) highlighting some insightful things impacting my imbalances which I thought was really profound and helpful. 
During my reiki session I felt the energy pulsing on my crown as well as this amazing need to smile for almost 5 minutes! I knew in that moment the Reiki was flowing through me 🙂
During the days that followed I felt more calm, relaxed and focused with less emotional energy that I had experienced previously. 
I am blessed to have had this opportunity and highly recommend Rika! 

Ricardo Esquivel Jersey City, NJ, USA May 3, 2021

Thank you so much for this course of distance Reiki treatment, it has turned around the health condition I've ben living with and I'm much stronger. Your support through this time of body self-healing has been amazing - what an invaluable and transformative experience!

Rika I really value your knowledge, experience, sensitivity and your ability to intuitively know and interpret the signs the body is giving, and to give powerful Reiki. Your advice for looking after myself between sessions is spot on and has been wonderful.

The experience has been a combination of physical healing and spiritual. I felt Reiki pushing through what needs to be pushed through, and letting emerge what needs to come up. I feel held and guided by you, and you gave the holding for me to access my own intuition and guide myself too on this healing journey.

I feel so much better!! As if the occasion of quite serious and persistent physical symptoms have given me the opportunity to clean out spiritually and move forwards.

My close relationships have benefitted as well - my partner is very happy and wants to thank you too!

You are a wonderful and deeply intuitive medicine woman.

So so many thank yous and love,

Jane-Frances England October 17, 2020

Big hug and thank you for a strong and spiritual Reiki treatment. Today I am really energised. You really are an inspiration and have had beautiful experiences in my own Reiki treatments.

Love Annie X

Annie Holistic Therapist Reiki Treatment December 1, 2019

A huge thank you Rika for such a wonderful training. Those 3 days were amazing, you know how to make people feel like at home. Even if english is not my mother tongue, all information were very easy to understand and I enjoyed practicing; our small group was lovely.
I would advise everyone to participate to a training with you, it brings so much happiness.

Nathalie Buffat Switzerland Shoden and Okuden October 8, 2018

Thoroughly enjoyable experience! 

I recently enrolled on the Jikiden reiki course levels 1 and 2 with Rika, and I do not regret it! Rika immediately puts you at ease, while she gives you a sound grounding in the history, belief systems and theory behind Jikiden Reiki. Learning over the three days was a joy, a good mix of practical and theory. I have immediately put to use the learning that I received on the course, and I have no doubt that Reiki is a valuable tool for life. I have already put my learning into use. It is the one of the best investments that I have made, and I can’t thank Rika enough. If you are considering signing up to any of Rika's courses, do so right away, you won't regret it.

Emma Orefuwa Management Consultant, London Shoden and Okuden December 11, 2017

It was good to learn about the origins of Reiki and how it was originally meant to be administered. I love the simplicity and accessibility of the Japanese style reiki. Riki is a brilliant teacher and humble in her delivery. Very importantly and much appreciated was the small class size she keeps which meant that we got individual attention. The reijus held in a darkened room heightened the experience. Highly recommended.

MD London Shoden and Okuden December 10, 2017

I had my reiki training Shoden and okuden level with Rika in London...it was a pleasure to train and work with such a kind, knowledgeable, experienced teacher .
Her training was so much fun and easy to understand.
I really am excited  to practice this new skill and share the  benefits i have learnt with so many  people...thank you Rika

Ozlem Cetin Essex Shoden and Okuden December 8, 2017

Had a Reiki session from Rika Tanaka san yesterday and since I left her therapy room I had no pain on my right hip joint, even now. I damaged it a week ago and have been suffering from the pain. I went to Chinese acupuncture and the pain has gone once but came back, I could not walk properly. Even on the very day I could finally walk but always with the pain, until the Reiki session. I still feel there is something there but no pain. It does work. Just surprising. Maybe I already had been attuned with Reiki energy and that worked particularly well on me, not sure. But anyway it does work. Otherwise was it that lying on the warm bed for an hour?? I don't think so. Thank you Rika san for the amazing experience!

Aya Kent August 23, 2017

I glad to say those silent, frequent internal head activities I likened more to being likened to shooting star than falling snow flakes have stopped. They were concerning me, I was hazarding a guess they stemmed from hyper-activity regarding moving house last month and stuff from 40 years age, so releaved you moved this hypertension. Rika, you are supreme at getting our stale baggage to abdicate. Thankyou x

Ann Dorchester May 12, 2017

So, so much endless and deeply hopeless baggage has left me in every sense. Physical, heaviest part surely emotional.  When I walked to todays treatment had colossal eye strain, although it wasn't so conscious of it. now I can look people in the eye and see like I have an updated lense in glasses.  Eureka Rika x


Ann Dorchester Reiki Treatment April 25, 2017

Thank you for your beautiful and powerful Reiki treatments. I've had three reiki sessions for painful hip and difficulty walking. After the second session I felt a huge amount better and I'm walking much more freely! I find the sessions with you work on different levels, emotionally I felt calmer and also much more positive and proactive. The Reiki seems to have the effect of introducing a spiritual aspect so that I did things towards my own self- nourishment which greatly supported me and the deep issues behind the symptoms, as well as improving the symptoms. I feel I have moved from a place of fear of what might be wrong with me, to feeling positive and in touch with my body's own healing. I attribute this shift to your wonderful reiki sessions.

Jane London Reiki Treatment February 16, 2017

First training of Shoden/Okuden brought me surprise and sensation!
Thank you for your effort for extra explanation for me.
I feel that I can use Reiki for people around me and I will be happier for my life..
I already started to practice on my friends...
I will be back very soon for repeating (after I get a planning from office) and I want to apply for Tadao sensei's training at beginning of August.
Thanks again and see you soon,

Fumiyo Lesquin France Shoden and Okuden training December 16, 2016

Many thanks for your time  and expertise over the weekend. I was very pleasantly surprised as to the content of Jikiden Reiki. I have studied martial arts and shiatsu for over 30 years now and can honestly say the connections between what I have studied via my teacher in Japan and what is taught in Jikiden Reiki is very similar in its mood or feeling. I think the Japanese word is Funiki.

Although the system is slighty different and classical Shiatsu doesn't contain Jumon or Reiju or Kototama my teacher is somewhat different to a classical Shiatsu and Karate teacher. I hope that I can continue my studies in Jikiden Reiki and possibly gain teacher status and that I reach that journey with you and your teachers as my guide. I would recommend this course to everyone I know, that has an interest in Reiki or Energy healing without hesitation.

Steve Shoden and Okuden level December 9, 2016

Rika is a warm inspirational teacher, her compassion and teaching is wonderful, and her hospitality is simply 5 stars,  I have met many teachers but Rika aspires from others her knowledge and dedication to Jikiden Reiki, I'm so glad I have met with Rika, and proud to say that she is an amazing teacher and would highly recommend to other students.

Reiki blessings

Kevin Newcastle Shoden and Okuden level March 22, 2012

I would like to thank you for a wonderful three days on your Jikiden Reiki Shoden, Okuden course. I really enjoyed taking part and experiencing authentic, traditional Japanese Reiki for the first time. The course was a complete success for me from start to finish. One of the main reason for this was that you were an excellent Teacher. You explained the subject very well and there was never a dull moment. It also helped that you are a naturally happy, smiley person whose enthusiasm for Jikiden Reiki was very infectious with all of us in the group.

When I came to this course I was did not really know what to expect and thought it might be an interesting experience. Now after completing the course and finding Reiki really works for myself I now feel inspired to start developing a Jikiden Reiki practice of my own and start looking for my own clients.  I have even been on the internet today checking out the prices on portable therapist beds!

Thank you so much, it has been brilliant.

Tony Lavelle Shoden and Okuden review February 27, 2012