Jane-Frances’s Reiki Treatments

October 17, 2020

Thank you so much for this course of distance Reiki treatment, it has turned around the health condition I've ben living with and I'm much stronger. Your support through this time of body self-healing has been amazing - what an invaluable and transformative experience!

Rika I really value your knowledge, experience, sensitivity and your ability to intuitively know and interpret the signs the body is giving, and to give powerful Reiki. Your advice for looking after myself between sessions is spot on and has been wonderful.

The experience has been a combination of physical healing and spiritual. I felt Reiki pushing through what needs to be pushed through, and letting emerge what needs to come up. I feel held and guided by you, and you gave the holding for me to access my own intuition and guide myself too on this healing journey.

I feel so much better!! As if the occasion of quite serious and persistent physical symptoms have given me the opportunity to clean out spiritually and move forwards.

My close relationships have benefitted as well - my partner is very happy and wants to thank you too!

You are a wonderful and deeply intuitive medicine woman.

So so many thank yous and love,