Jikiden Reiki Shoden and Okuden

December 18, 2021

They say “quality is an outcome that far exceeds the customer’s expectations.”It was also helped by having a very attentive teaching style from Rika.This is what best describes my experience of my training days 11th Dec - 13th Dec Incl - Jikiden Reiki Shoden and Okuden.I was tired at the end of  my 3 days however  in a good way. Really important to pay attention to the details presented  e.g. the  insightful presentation about the history, five principles and the meaning behind the characters  for this method of Reiki - it’s application and techniques used. A truly holistic and ~soul-fuel adventure, that was  authentic  and enlightening from Japan so not watered down. If this training  were a meal it would be a “fine dining” experience!
Overseen by Rika   l loved the opportunity to tune into the sensations in my hands and to sit with them. Also  learning how to pronounce  key words and saying the principles in Japanese - revisiting a few time where I wasn’t so confident. Thank you Rika for your kind patience.
You were  an absolutely  present practitioner who was able to support each participant individually and us as a group. Allowing us space to reflect with each other about   our experiences, expectations  and what brought us to Jikiden training .
Great attention to being a covid safe environment and protocols as well that  was  very reassuring ( for me so thanks again) when giving and receiving treatments. Loved the very practical  protocol for distant healing.
 I appreciated the attention  to detail about the historical and cultural  context of Japan, the founder and lineage.Overall,  the thing that I really appreciated the most  is being encouraged to respect this "sacred process”  that Jikiden offer - the areas  that the modality  prefers to remain between practitioners which I like.
I would like my clients / receivers to know that they are accessing a complementary therapy that keeps a close eye on maintaining quality assruance and purity of content securing that working to the highest good.CPD investment that is worth the spend.