Steve’s Reiki Training

Shoden and Okuden level
December 9, 2016

Many thanks for your time  and expertise over the weekend. I was very pleasantly surprised as to the content of Jikiden Reiki. I have studied martial arts and shiatsu for over 30 years now and can honestly say the connections between what I have studied via my teacher in Japan and what is taught in Jikiden Reiki is very similar in its mood or feeling. I think the Japanese word is Funiki.

Although the system is slighty different and classical Shiatsu doesn't contain Jumon or Reiju or Kototama my teacher is somewhat different to a classical Shiatsu and Karate teacher. I hope that I can continue my studies in Jikiden Reiki and possibly gain teacher status and that I reach that journey with you and your teachers as my guide. I would recommend this course to everyone I know, that has an interest in Reiki or Energy healing without hesitation.